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Legion Geekery

Hi, Joel! I'm afraid I've never had the pleasure of reading any of DnA's Legion of Superheroes stories; lately, I've just been reading, or should I say rereading, the Giffen/Levitz and Levitz/Lightle runs from the 80s. The Great Darkness! The new Fatal Five! The mystery of Sensor Girl! The new Invisible Kid, and his annoying habit of code-mixing French and English! Shrinking Violet's change in hairstyle and attitude, Light Lass regaining her lightning powers, Karate Kid's tragic, somewhat senseless and rather gruesome death, and -- ah yes -- Laurel Kent's 'skimpier-than-Starfire's' costume, which played a major part in the development of my adolescenct imagination.

It's funny -- it's kind of hard to label these stories as classic, even by superhero standards (except for the Great Darkness Saga, which was paced really well, built up sufficient drama, and was resolved impressively, quickly and cleanly, unlike so many other so-called sagas... It's a better story than Crisis, anyway!) And yet -- despite the fact that no individual issue or storyline is really excellent, the issues have a cumulative effect. Reading Legion is a far cry from reading Spider-man or the X-Men, simply because of the sheer size of the cast. Relationships are dealt with in a page or two, or between panels, ungainly exposition is almost a necessity, characters come and go and the roster changes would make the Avengers' heads spin, and yet -- one ends up caring more for the Legion than for the Avengers, and possibly almost as much as for the X-Men. Okay, maybe not, since Chris Claremont (I'm talking the classic 80s runs, as well) had a gift for superhero soap opera, for kilig moments and despair moments, and very little in my teenage comics-reading world could compare with the attachment I had for Kitty Pryde and Company. But I was a Legion fan too, although I would be hard-pressed, then and now, to name any favorite characters or storylines. Whence the affection for this series, then? Who knows.

All I know is, I want T-shirts with the Legionnaire emblems on them. All of them. From Ferro Lad to Bouncing Boy, Saturn Girl to Timber Wolf. One for ever frigging day of the week!

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