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inds, sorry for the mess you're in. i'd be tying a rope 'round my neck if i was living there. pardon the morbid thought. hope this

cheers you up (oh, the junk mail we get!) sorry for the large pic. i couldn't help it.

thanks to netflix (online and no late fees! ever!), the greatest invention since sloopsjeans, i've been consumed with truffaut's antoine doinel series starring the petite yet very charming jean-pierre leaud. googled him after every movie (waiting for 'stolen kisses' in the mail) and found some current pictures of him in cannes. the boy sure didn't age very well. i've yet to see leaud as other than doinel — although i did see him in a cameo in bertolucci's 'the dreamers' (which didn't add up to anything more than another bertolucci x-rated project. but see for yourself). so i'm looking forward to getting 'irma vep' (leaud with maggie cheung) in the mail, too.

apparently, holy week wasn't holy enough for the americans. while my barkada was in galera and you guys were having movie marathons, i was no where near a vacation. business as usual here. on easter, though, we went to a pinoy potluck featuring the beloved magic mic.

people, stay away from 'starsky and hutch'. although it had very few moments (as we all saw in the trailer), it was a bore. we were disappointed being fans of the stiller-wilson team up. our movie reviewer just loved 'eternal sunshine,' so we'll be off to see it this weekend. gil portes' 'small voices' made it to cornell cinema this week, by the way. another reason for ithaca's pinoys to get together. if you're after entertainment, 'dawn of the dead' — a remake of george romero's sequel to 'night of the living dead' — was all right. and the only good thing about 'hellboy' was ron perlman. sorry, bernice. looking forward to 'kill bill vol. 2'. just got our new issue of the new yorker and looks like david denby hated it (as usual). oh, have you guys seen 'the passion of the christ'? i've been postponing dragging jose to see it with me because i don't think he's capable of watching a mel gibson flick for two straight hours. but how was it?

tama na 'to. im here at cornell, bored as hell, waiting for jose to finish up a few things. we've been surfing at a computer lab in his building this past week. our laptop is infected with a virus and it's been such a hassle not having one. we're crossing our fingers and hoping to purchase a mac soon! yay! but blogging is always tough on a mac. anyhoo, try to enjoy your work day. and i hope my links work. effort 'yan. ;)

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