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Lucio Fulci's The Beyond Hi Everyone! Luis, what do you think of the current Legion now that Abnett&Lanning will go on to do other projects? I kind of liked Legion of the Damned and Legion Lost (though, I couldn't accept the fact that the trio was not a trio anymore(Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, and Saturn Girl). In any case, since I couldn't keep up with the rising cost of comic books I could only collect Judd Winnick's The Outsiders and dropped everything else (The Teen Titans will forever be Wolfman/Perez era for me, though my friends love what Johns is doing for the current team... I love what he's doing with the JSA though...). Have you read the Levitz era Legion? I have only read the Great Darkness story arc, and some other short story arcs (like "Who Shot Laurel Kent?"), and of course The TMK era Quiet Darkness. (I'm new to the commands...so, bear with me...I know you don't like gore, but btw I'm still plugging Lucio Fulci's The Beyond.) Hindi pala magkasya iyong picture nang Outsiders, so I opted for, well, you can see for yourself. ;p

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