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[happy april fool's day. i have no pranks as the (cosmic) jokes seem to be on me, lately.]

Alas, where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore! - Henry Ward Beecher

This has got to be one of me best National Bookstore finds in years. A 200-peso hardcover of The Book of Leviathan by Peter Blegvad (at aba, may banda at amateur enterprises pa siya).

At the heart of the Book of Leviathan is the modernist obsession with the blank page, the dead signifier. Levi's blank face is the most obvious example of this, but a strip celebrating the history of the blank page in literature from Laurence Sterne to James Kelman, or strips in which Levi attempts in vain to escape his two-dimensional existence, demonstrate the extent of Blegvad's obsession. Other strips, in which Levi's messy floor is seen to constitute a complicated mathematical equation, or detailed instructions are given for making a crumpled paper missile, mock the structures of human knowledge and assume that they are empty. - Culturewars, UK
Derrida meets Promethea meets Calvin and Hobbes, Sock-Monkey, and Chris Ware? close but not quite.....

sample talk balloon meat:

consider the distance between that state of the art exercise bike yonder, and its ancestor: the bicycle.

the BICYCLE was practical, it reduced distances. it got people from A to B quickly with a minimum of effort.


it's purpose is METAPHYSICAL. it gets people NOWHERE with the MAXIMUM effort.

but the rider believes that, with every mile he puts on the clock, he's INCREASING the distance between himself and DEATH.

was so entertained by this book that i almost forgot about ....
last tuesday's WTF accident: a huge truck transporting gravel and rocks from the endless election-period related road works in san juan smashed into garage of the residential unit where i've been staying lately. it was around 2:30 in the afternoon, one of those rare weekdays i was on leave. the day was hot enough to make the task of cleaning the scum off the bathroom floor with a toothbrush attractive. so there i was in the loo when the earth suddenly seemed to quake and there was that sound of an ancient tree groaning before a (timber!!!!) fall. jump-cut to the next scene: i look out the window and behold the whole neighborhood and their brothers-in-law and their dogs (mga dakilang miron, as usual) surveying disaster area, i.e., broken windshield glass confetti all over the garage, and a defaced townhouse with a wrecked gate and wall. driver fell asleep in seat while parked truck with busted brakes (with just a piece of rock used as a stopper--kalso ba yun?) rolled down the sloping street. when he came to, he swerved to the right (where the garage was) to avoid running over the folks in front, i guess. luckily, no one was hurt.

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