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Great Darkness Saga I loved that stroyline. I found the story better than any Avengers/Xmen/Jla (oh well, maybe not the JLA) story out there (that's the '80s LSH, but some of my comic book geek friends have LSH issues way back when Grell and Shooter were on the book...Yes, they're that old.). Although, I can't pick up a single favorite issue (oh wait...I loved an old LSH annual where Saturn Girl confronted Darkseid about the identity of Validus. One of the LSH's best story, and one of the Great Darkseid's characterization...another Paul Levitz penned issue btw) I prefer the Legion over the Avengers or the Xmen any day of the week. The DnA LSH came on the heels of the "Archie-era" LSH (Roger Stern, Phil and Jeffrey Moy, and I forgot the other writers). Sales were sagging and they had to reboot the whole series(an aside: I haven't read the Magic Wars yet, although a friend has that series...Never found the time to borrow them. The TMK era is a bit underrated though, IMHO). Hey, with the sheer size of the Legion, you can have a Legion shirt every freaking day of the week for more than a month (yes, if you count the SW6 Legionnaires as well). I just want to know everyone, but, who's Jess by the way?(eto ba ay si Jessica?) At sorry, isa siyang long post forgot to place where my html codigo is,

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