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Anniversary Issue: Lightning Lad Vs. Lightning Lord Allan Moore's Watchmen (or is that just one "l?") I don't know, but I kinduva didn't like this maxiseries. I read it a few years back(three or fours years ago), and a good friend lent me her copy. I guess my reaction to it is a little tepid, at best. Yes, it's literate. But, I won't exactly label it as Moore's "masterpiece," which I think is still yet to come(his ABC line of comics are one of the more thought provoking stories to have come out in the market, although he has this "diva" status which allows him to actually not finish his books on a monthly basis even though, ideally, they should). I guess, some people actually liked the book (watchmen -- then and now) because it's something to really like and because the status and following warrant that attention. I dunno. Has anyone watched Hellboy yet? It's really funny, I'm not too sure though if it stayed true to the source material but I guess Mignola (Mike) would have been proud to see his baby up there on screen and raking money at the box office). What I would like to see now onscreen are COncrete, and Ghost. ;p

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