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Tap Dancers Need Not Apply

For all you singers and songers out there -- a golden, shining OPPORTUNITY! Whoo!

Ape House is run by Andy Partridge, brilliant singer/songwriter of what is perhaps my favorite band, XTC. If I had any musical ability whatsoever, I'd send something in just to be happy with the thought that he'd listen to it. Sadly... I don't.

Is your thing good enough to be released on the Ape label?

Are you quirky, good, inventive, striking, shocking, talented, different, entertaining, worthy, brilliant-songwriter, singer, band, poet, instrumentalist, musique concretiste, tap dancer (okay, delete tap dancer) that needs to get to the public?

Well, we’re willing to hear what you can do. That's right, send your demos/actual recordings/whatever, to our office and we promise that we’ll give them a fair and interested hearing. Please note that we will be unable to return your discs or tapes and that no reply from us will mean that you are merely not our cup of tea/okay/not ready or awful.

However should you throw the switches at Ape, please make sure all contact details are included. Please note we don’t do big advances, i.e. loans, as we aren’t wealthy ourselves but, if you’re the right stuff you will get the fairest deal you can imagine and the opportunity for world-wide release.

So... what are you waiting for.

Send your material to Ape, c/o Weatherbox Limited, Po Box 2126, Storrington, West Sussex. RH20 4WF. England.

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