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I seem to spend a lot of time in these Mini Stop convenience stores. They're everywhere. There are three within walking distance of my office, at least one (most likely more) on the street where I live... Normally, I'm all for brightly-lit, 24-hour anythings, but sometimes it's frustrating that Mini Stop doesn't offer anything I really want. I'll go there at 4 am during an office all-nighter, ravenous for something substantial, and then I'll have to settle for one of their rubbery microwaved meals, or instant noodles again. Even the stuff you don't have to microwave is somehow lacking in the taste department -- their Fatdog (basically a hotdog dipped in batter) is good at staving off hunger, but it's like eating slightly softened styrofoam. On a stick.

I wish Lola Adang's were open 24 hours. I wish a Burger Machine would open near my office. Still, Mini Stop has saved me on more than one occasion, when I needed a blank tape at the last minute for an interview, or some Pepsi X for a caffeine fix. (Much as I love the stuff, however, I try not to drink Pepsi X too much these days, as I'm trying to cut down on sugar... they should make a sugar-free version for us borderline diabetics).

I want 24-hour Book Sales and movie theaters, too.

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