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look, i made something!!

eMail me, and tell me what you think, huh? everyone? huh?


i've been planning to do this blogthing since i don't know when. been preaching the plus and minuses of DIY publishing, print- and/or aether-based, not really doing much of both for myself, really. hopefully, this is a start.

i'm planning on posting regular stuff here, as often as possible, probably once a week i'd have one or three new stuff up, mostly SERIALS, but probably there'll be more ONE-OFFS than SERIALS, but then again, maybe not.

i have about... three SERIALS planned, as far as i can tell, two of which i've actually started, but haven't really made other people read them, yet. these things will be virgins, but hopefully, they won't seem that way.

so, again, this is my, um, batch of pebbles, to allude to a jason lutes comic book, for our little city of stones, the so-called philippine "writing scene". i've tossed quite a few of these pebbles in the past, here and there, essays and prose and whatnot, some better than most, most worse than some. the lords of literature only know if they made ripples on the pond surface, or instead stalled and sank into the murky depths.

i'll try to post new stuff here, definitely new for me, probably new to you. maybe the occasional old stuff, a b-side of an a-side that got published somewhere somewhen. we'll see, we'll see.

and i encourage stuff from you, too. this won't be ALL ME, ALL THE TIME. i'll be posting POETRY and PROSE from friends, like vlad gonzales' POETRY, which pleasantly borders between self-indulgence and meta-commentary, believe it or not. new stuff, exciting stuff, stuff that'd hopefully make your nipples ache.

the first one, tentatively entitled DECEMBER 10, 2004, is a story loosely based on the family massacre craze that happened way back in... not too long ago, actually.... the late 80s, the more famous one being THE VIZCONDE MASSACRE. this story is a first of a three-part series of stories that has me tackling the topic of death, by murder or by accident. it has me steel-testicled and lantern-jawed, crouched over my tungsten-e and stabbing/tapping furiously at the screen/wireless keyboard.

not only is DECEMBER the first of a trilogy, it is also a story told through FOOTNOTES from a newspaper clipping, whose footnotes are also themselves footnoted, and so on and so forth. the effect i'm after is a slow but steady spelunking expedition into the murders discussed in the story, THE JACOBO FAMILY MASSACRE. at present, there are sixty-plus footnotes already, with only three of them complete. it is a slow process, but it is sure and straight and so far, i'm proud of what's being written.

also, the keen-eyed and widely-read of you might recognize my swiping off of a quotation from charles fort's LO!, a la alan moore - eddie campbell's FROM HELL. i'm hoping the aforementioned keen-eyed and widely-read reader is also fair-hearted and forgiving. at any rate, there's always INTERTEXTUALITY for an excuse.

i hope you'll be hanging on to this address, this blogsite, visiting it occasionally, checking up on me, on us, reading what's here, waiting for what's coming.

oh well, i can't think of anything more to say to you, except for, well, stick with this for a couple of days, weeks, months, years maybe. we'll see. hopefully, you'll see something you'll enjoy and tell your friends about. please do.

oh, and you can eMail me at hisnameiswhatitmeans(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk for anything. anything at all.

that's all for now. thank you.


i just realized how RAW the bloody thing looks. i'll fix it up later this week. as for now, the blanket is short.

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