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Grrrroovy baby!

Is the City of God soundtrack cool or what? My sis burned us a copy last night; I listened to track one while getting dressed for work, and carried on listening when I got here. Am hooked. Now if only I could turn the volume of my speakers WAY UP to do these songs justice. From the Amazon review:

... composer Antonio Pinto (assisted by partner Ed Cortes) has concocted a smart, rhythmically intoxicating cocktail of Brazilian jazz and samba, shaken with a little '70s American funk and R&B and served with cool, tropical flair. Those various styles often melt into each other with a liberating sense of postmodern possibility, giving listeners an experience that's as exotic as it is deceptively familiar.

So Jason Mraz was here last month and Incubus are coming over in a few days, right? Got to thinking who I'd pay good money to see, just in case they saw the light and decided to do shows here. Wishful thinking! ;)

1. =w=eezer
2. R.E.M.
3. Radiohead
4. Coldplay
5. The Strokes
6. Tool
7. A Perfect Circle
8. Err... The Cure?
9. Daft Punk
10. Air
11. The Pixies
12. Bjork
13. Liz Phair (I'm stopping here... the list just keeps getting longer!)

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