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"5 yr old Sofia Coppola with dad Francis Ford singing "Lupang Hinirang" while they were in the country filming Apocalypse Now." (real audio or windows media player 9 required)... sa manlulupee dikapasisihil....lupang heeneerang.... nananana-magiti :-) (fun linky via cynthia bauzon)

Now I want Coffee and Cigarettes (by Jim Jarmusch)

Shot in black and white, they feature a great cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, GZA and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Steve Buscemi and Alfred Molina. They babble and prattle about anything and everything, often carrying on bizarre and extended conversations even when their characters have little to say.

Jarmusch said the focus on idle coffee breaks is akin to his film Night on Earth, which plays out entirely during five separate taxi rides taking place at the same time in cities around the globe. Cate Blanchett plays opposite herself, as a blonde movie star who's self-reflexively rather embarrassed by her fame, and as the star's resentful and slightly whorish brunette cousin. If we needed further proof of Blanchett's great acting gifts, here it is in miniature form. -indiewire

Writerly link du jour: British Council site on British/Commonwealth writers

p.s. yo peeps, innit about time we all met again offline? adam's had his birthday last 12th o' march and the baryon's making another rare appearance end of april. do we really need an excuse? for one, am bored outta my skull....

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