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On my DVD shelf: The Princess and the WarriorIn my CD player: 'Is This It' by The Strokes

Self is a great band. I remember hearing So Low (I'm so low/ That I wish I was dead/ With a knife in my chest/ And a bullet in my head) and Cannon (When fire/ Meets powder/ You take your cover/ I fly over and...) on NU 107 back in high school. Saw their vids in MTV's 120 Minutes. Didn't hear other songs after Meg Ryan, but apparently they've still got tons of material out.

Anyone who loves Run Lola Run should watch another Tykwer-Potente collaboration, The Princess and the Warrior, which I got in Quiapo late last year. If the former is boiled down to the essence, presenting 3 possible outcomes of a story, the latter meanders along, but is still lovely and brutal at the same time, IMHO. The scene where Bodo performs a primitive form of tracheotomy on Sissi under the truck is the best example.

Been listening to The Strokes' Is This It and The Cure's Greatest Hits today. And so goes another day of blogging working...

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