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The Last Words on Earth

Click here to read a Nicole Krauss interview. Once in a while The New Yorker publishes stories that wake my blood and pull me out of the doldrums at work. "The Last Words on Earth" by Nicole Krauss is such a story. Found it poignant and hilarious and weird all at once. When I printed it out last week, I realized I'd been reading 14 pages of fiction in single space, my attention not having wavered one bit. It was a welcome way to skive off work for a while.

As a bonus, she doesn't look like an ogre at all. ;) She's a novelist, a poet, and an art critic, among others. Pretty young, I guess, but I dunno how young exactly. Definitely a writer to watch out for.

Before I end this, I'd like to express my thanks to the pirates of Quiapo. Last week I got my copy of Lost in Translation (Thanks to Kat Bjelland!). Read in Amazon its US DVD release was Feb. 3. Could that be right?! Have the pirates been working overtime, like me? Anyway, have a good week...

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