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I Want a Digicam

Well, who doesn't? I borrowed my Tita Pep's ancient Canon over the weekend, and took a bunch of pix of two events I attended:

Last Friday night, I was at the Marleyfest at the NBC Tent -- good event, lots of good bands. Was particularly impressed by Reggae Mistress and Hemp Republic. Downside: overpriced sodas (P40 -- that's P10 more than the Jamaican patties cost!), poor ventilation (we had to leave two bands away from the end, to save our lungs from all the accumulated 'cigarette' smoke), and the fact that we got there too late to catch the Milagros Dancehall Collective. Also, there was this guy dancing in front of us who almost killed us all with the alarming centrifugal force of his oscillating butt. I kid you not. Hey, we were all dancing -- but what this guy was doing could not be easily classified as just dancing, it was more like an all-out attack on all who stood behind him. Funny stuff.

Then I attended The Event With No Name, which was basically the grand opening of The Store With No Name (3/f Robinson's Galleria, near Havoc). I know, I know -- the title of the whole affair screams, "Stay away!!!" Still, it proved to be a fun evening, with performances by Syke, Rocksteddy, and others, including the wonderful! excellent! pop-rock-tronica! group Drip. The show was handled by actnow.studios -- those of you who used to frequent Sanctum on Friday nights will find many familiar faces in this outfit. The store itself has lots of cool stuff, DIY accents for clothes, nice designs, etc. Oh, and the food at the launch was good, which is always nice.

If and when I do get a digicam of my own though, I want one with a few more megapixels than this one. Not to mention more memory! Anyone selling a 4-megapixel secondhand?

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