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Free Valentine cut-outs...

...from YouYesYou, via Belle de Jour, "Diary of a London call girl", which won best in writing some months back in the Guardian's best Brit blogs of 2003. As Belle posted:

Free Valentines from Jason of YouYesYou

So in honour of the anniversary of the beheading of a Christian saint, and our habit of commemorating the event by exchanging overpriced tat, I link these finely crafted greetings in time for the blessed season of togetherness. Print out - cut round - paste on pink card - et voila! A most heartfelt Valentine.

1. Crushed yet again
2. I DO love you
3. ...feel so right
4. ...to find true love
5. I'd be willing to trade

BTW Inds, thanks for getting me to see The Triplets of Belleville last Tuesday at Mega. Yesterday I printed a few stills, found some wallpapers, and sent my mum an online birthday card, all from their French site. It was exercise for my rusty, creaky French understanding what the hell 'fond' meant (Translation: background).

Thanks also to Luis for the NY Times blogging article. Thank god blogging and Friendster didn't exist when I was in grade school and high school. It would've created an even bigger socio-economic chasm between the different kids at school. It was bad enough that some had Trapper Keepers and Nike Airs and Reebok Pumps and Levi's 501s (Back when they were cool and new, oh, eons ago) while others didn't. We know now that these are petty, stupid things, but what about back then, eh?

Cool art from Jason of YouYesYou This weekend I'm set to ditch the UP Fair to go with my rents to Zambales and Bataan instead. Was saying I've never been to Zambales, but I totally forgot we've been to Jessica's family's resort place in Subic before. Heheh. I remember that winding slide that drops you into the pool. ;) [Cue in =w=eezer's Island in the Sun: "When you're on a golden sea/ You don't need no memory/ Just a place to call your own/ As we drift into the zone..."]

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