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Death Cab in Vegas?

Scarlett Johansson at the BAFTAs Been hearing raves about Death Cab for Cutie for a long time now from Kat Bjelland, and I always had this vague idea that they probably sounded like Death in Vegas or Vitro or something (cos of the name, you know). Apparently they're indie pop!

So how was the Ithaca movie? I saw snatches of Road Trip on cable last year... and I thought there was a real Ithaca Uni and that the film was shot on location. I mean, that was the least they could do. Now I hear from Jessica this ain't so. Crap! ;)

My weekend seaside reverie came to a screeching halt today when I returned to piles of mindless pending work in the office. But the images of flying fish, corral reefs, white sand, and clear blue-green waters of Masinloc, Zambales are still fresh. And the food! I loved the ginataang igat (some kind of fish) with red chili pepper, the angel fish, and the rest of the food I couldn't name. It's kinda a cliche to ascribe reggae to such a scene, but Big Mountain's Resistance was a great beach soundtrack.

Was happy to see both Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray won the lead acting prizes in this year's BAFTAs for Lost in Translation. Hear, hear! And today's my dog's birthday. He's now four, in human years. Was thinking he deserves a pasalubong when I get home. My rents once brought our Lhasa Apso Kitty inside the mall, all the way to a dine-in dinner at McDonald's, on her birthday. But I can't pull that off. It'll definitely be "to go". ;)

Happy birthday, big dog! Addendum: On our bumpy way to Masinloc, my rents and I are inside the pick-up, with Kuya Michael (their driver), Shirley (their helper), and Jordan the other Lhasa Apso, who would later go on to prove that dogs can swim by instinct, as he showed his dog paddling skills at the sandbar. "We are the Champions" by Queen is playing on the radio.

My dad: Didn't you like their song "Bohemian Rhapsody" before?

Me: [Remembering an uncle's admonishment 10 years ago that the song's lyrics were Satanic] Huh? No way. Maybe that was my sister. [Pause] How old was I then?

My dad: I think you were two years old. You were nodding along when that song played. That's why I wasn't surprised when you ended up liking Kurt Cobain.

I didn't know whether I should laugh or cringe.

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