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Biomechanical Whatever

My god, the things they come up with!

Inds, I think you couldn't find part 3 of my story cos I never posted it last year for the second story-o-rama. In any case, I already came up with final drafts of both my stories in our prose section, so will just email you those, if that's okay. Thanks heaps! And why not, another story-o-rama would be great. Anything to get those story ideas (yes, just ideas) out.

Addendum: Finally! Something Murakami-related. Still haven't finished reading Underground, actually. Excerpts of "Tokyo doomsday cult leader to face trial", to file under our WTF?! section:

The crackdown on the group opened a window to its bizarre rituals. Initiates paid hefty sums to drink Asahara's dirty bathwater, sip his blood and wear electric caps to keep their brain waves in sync with their master's.

He used a long list of drugs to sedate his abused acolytes into submission or dazzle them with hallucinatory visions. A huge microwave oven at the cult's Mount Fuji headquarters was used to incinerate the bodies of victims.

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