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of MONDAY MOORE and signatuuuures

Clean, Shaven... Huge Grunt.

when yer partner is deeply into alan moore how could you pass up stumbling upon something as intense as moore's DNA-sequentiable nosehairs actual chickenscrawl?

last monday we were at sketchbooks in G3 to get a signed copy of after the snooter by eddie campbell. after parting with our farthings este pesos we get outta the store , but not without spotting the bloody window display.

to avoid foreseeable nights of sleep deprivation, we act as impulsively as our (so far, proudly, yet on the brink of caving in) credit cardless, e-bay and amazon deprived lifestyle would allow and bag this (am quoting the computer print-out label on the plastic wrap from the store, now) "special limited edition very rare signed by allan (sic) moore lithograph". #31 of 500 signed indeed by the man himself and the artist jose villarrubia blablabla. `twas a poster so big and creepy [50% occult hexagram thingie, 35% facial hair, 15% claw-shaped silver ring-adorned knuckles] the salesladies remarked how their shop window would be glaringly bereft of its fierce lookin' guardian. (moore's big hairy mug actually reminds me of that old framed image of god the father which used to freak me out during my younger years when i could still be coerced to enter the magallanes church.)

adam the fanboy was one happy puppy, his face a real joy to behold....i.e., until we unwrapped the snooter while ordering pizza. there was no effing eddie campbell signature. what the--?

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