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"I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs..." - R.E.M., "The Great Beyond"

This weekend's good buy was R.E.M.'s special edition best of, which included a poster, a 2nd CD of rarities, and a booklet of song commentary, all bound in an aqua acetate case for P675. Chose this over the Chili Peppers' greatest hits and No Doubt's singles. It's not priced like Quiapo, of course. Guess will just buy the other CDs (or a pirated Chili Peppers' greatest hits DVD) there.

So I saw in a Tower Records display that KoRn are set to play in Manila next month. Eight years after I started liking them and outgrowing them. Sayang, if it were Tool I'd buy my tix now na. ;)

I almost forgot today's a special day.
Happy birthday, Mr. Murakami!
If you flew to Manila for a book signing we just might cover that yacht and fireworks display for you! ;) (Sponsors? Anyone?) And belated happy birthday to Jovan!
William S. Burroughs

I do love R.E.M.'s best of. Some of my faves are: "The Great Beyond", "Man on the Moon", "All the Way to Reno", "E-Bow the Letter", "Daysleeper" (dedicated to Joel, Hagrid, and all call center serfs everywhere), "Electrolite", "At My Most Beautiful", "Nightswimming", and "Star Me Kitten" sung with the decrepit gravelly vocals of William S. Burroughs. The line that goes "Just fuck me kitten/ You are wild!" is sick and hilarious.

Inds, that's great that you did stay in Sagada's Ganduyan Inn. I wonder how long the French chef's been there, cos I don't remember seeing him. Last time I was there was around 2000, of course. I remember Janet the German leather goods-maker in Pines' View Inn though.

And someone was setting off explosives in Echo Valley?! Haha! Damn I miss the place. With a pang. Now I can't help but be reminded of those slightly yellowing mid-80's photos my dad took of my sis and I sitting on a wooden coffin in some cave in Sagada, clutching each other and looking frightened out of our wits.

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