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Fuck Edsamail. Fuck them violently with a rusty chainsaw. My Edsamail account has been a black hole for the past three days at least. Anyone who sent me anything from Friday onwards -- sorry, that shit is lost. And as for the messages I sent out -- that shit never reached you guys, either. To think that I just paid through the nose for their fucking "Pioneer Renewal Advantage," which, apparently, means another year of incompetent service. I just spent a whole morning trying to get through their Customer Service hotline, and getting an answering machine asking me to leave a message at the beep. Fuck that! Get me the fucking CEO! Marco Santos, whoever you are, you have a lot to answer for!

I used to be an Edsamail advocate, even after they started charging, but this is not the first time crap like this has happened. Before, though, it just affected my mailing lists. At least you can always backtrack and reread those messages. Now, apparently, I've been missing everything -- INCLUDING A !@#$%!! FREELANCE WRITING ASSIGNMENT FROM A TV STATION, SENT TO ME LAST FRIDAY.

Isn't it fucking scary that your livelihoood is often in the hands of morons? Seriously, I should fucking sue.

To our more sensitive readers: apologies for the language. I'm that angry.

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