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Lost in Hong Kong

Where were you, Tony Leung?

Hey everyone! Finally stepped out of the country for the first time last week and went to HK for a brief office assignment. All I saw of Tony Leung there were a few posters on waiting sheds and buildings, and his doppelganger at the HK airport on the way back. To cut a long story short, it was an instance of Tony Leung as the airport manager, with an appearance by yours truly as the stupid tourist whose heart was beating fast as she fished out a pen for an autograph, but realized after a while that "Tony Leung" was wearing an "On Duty" ID and a suit, and that the camera crew and reporter were speaking with someone else.

But I totally understand that it would've been too much of a good thing to see the wonderful actor in the flesh. I mean, he could've been in Milan or Zimbabwe for all I knew.

And about that Breakfast show appearance yesterday, let me just say it occurred to me to strangle Dumaguete co-Jologz Libay (Hello, mare!) for leaving me to the wolves. ;) I had no idea I'd name drop Indi on air and that Jim Paredes, Ma'am Linda Panlilio, and I would be interviewed separately about books. Parang chop-chop na plugging lang tuloy, according to my dad. BTW Adam, sorry I didn't know Marieton Pacheco was the one in orange. If I'd known, I'd have gotten her autograph for you so you'd finally get to tattoo her signature on your forehead. ;)

BTW, you're all invited to a Fast Food Fiction book signing at Powerbooks Mega this Thursday November 27 6pm. Hope to see you!

I am using this to hit Michiko Kakutani on the head. More literary stuff. The acerbic, reportedly "reclusive, rarely photographed" NY Times book reviewer Michiko Kakutani (strangely enough, it took me all of a few seconds to Google up her photo here), has lambasted DBC Pierre, winner of this year's Booker for Vernon God Little (Thanks for the alert, Paul!). Personally, I'd choose a Booker over a Pulitzer any day. Some links:

- A lucid NY Times review by Sam Sifton of DBC's first novel
- Michiko's humorless, acidic take on the book, which reveals that she just doesn't get it
- A clear-eyed critique of the critic Michiko from MobyLives.com
- An old hilarious McSweeney's story, "I Am Michiko Kakutani", one of my uppers for today

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