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something different, post-Halloween:

: Goethe Flick with live music from Majam at the Podium
Classic horror + Majam = date!
i bet Yvette would luv this, Luis. Ikaw, Patrick Bateman?

5 Episodes with Live Music
Date: Wednesday, 12 - Thursday, 13 November
Place: The PODIUM, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center

Directed by Richard Oswald, the horror film series "Unheimliche Geschichten" (Horror Stories) features three popular stars of the German Silent Film era: Anita Berber, Conrad Veidt and Reinhold Schünzel who are also known as the "Trio Infernal." The three appear at the start of the episodes in the costumes of a prostitute, Death and Devil, searching for horror stories in an antique bookshop at midnight. They come up with five short, sinister plots about dubious husbands, lost hands and mysterious houses, the stories for the "Unheimliche Geschichten" episodes.

Oswald's 1919 horror films are considered to be the first of their kind and have become the basis for movies of this genre. Oswald distorted reality and adapted his stories from the theatrical to moving pictures. His trick techniques were revolutionary for the time and today his films are gems among early horror movies.

The silent film episodes will be accompanied by music composed and played by the MAJAM Chamber Jazz group...link!

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