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Hey Jessica, please pass this on to our dear friend Snooky...

Belated Happy Birthday, Jose!!!

I remember Jose has the exact same birthday (November 15) and age (Dare I say it? Heheh.) as my older brother. :) Hope you guys had a good celebration!

Finally went to Quiapo last Saturday and got the following DVDs:

1. This is Spinal Tap (Heard so many wonderful things about this hilarious rockumentary, can't wait to see it.)
2. Bend it Like Beckham (Saw it and loved it! Didn't realize nakakakilig pala.)
3. The Hours (Cos I missed it before.)
4. Down With Love (Ewan fest!)
5. Far From Heaven (Heard Julianne Moore's and Dennis Quaid's acting were superb here.)
6. The Wild Thornberrys

Checked my purchases last night and wanted to chuck the last film out the window. Shit! The picture colors were washed out (laba sa poso, as my friends and I call it), the heads of the viewers inside the movie theater could be seen at the bottom of the screen, and the promised special features were nonexistent. Well, at least I just got them for P65 each, and the rest of the DVDs were great. But I will be back! Patrick Bateman will have to accompany me again though, cos I am terrible with directions.

I also got the following original CDs in Quiapo:

1. Sting's Best Of for Sandra, P250
2. Cafe Del Mar's Best Of for Sandra, 2-CD set, still sealed, P350 (But got it for P320 due to a sudden urge to haggle. Saw it being sold for P790 at Tower Records that same day.)
3. Daft Punk's 'Discovery' for myself, P250

Was listening to the wonderful Cafe Del Mar CD last night and earlier today and was thinking that someday in this lifetime I'll have to fly to San Antonio in Ibiza and visit Cafe Del Mar, if it would still be on this planet by then. But since accommodations in this notorious party island are terribly expensive, would I have to sell my soul to get there? So what's Cafe Del Mar all about, you ask? From the CD's introduction:

A scene from the lovely Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza.

This is what you do: take the time to sit down with a cold drink outside a cafe and watch the sunset. It's the greatest show on earth, God's own cinema. Then, let some sensitive soul create a soundtrack to that show. A different set every day, capturing the mood of the evening, musically mirroring the images unfolding across the water. The style is called Balearic, after the group of islands of which ibiza is a part, and the place where it all started. This modern day serenade to the sunset, a musical homage to the mysteries of the cosmos, is a bar in San Antonio called Cafe Del Mar.

BTW Indi, about your recent run-in with Ma'am Marj, that was so funny. Heheh. Sorry I didn't get to reply; I ran out of credit. Still have all of fifty centavos in my cellphone. So I had a good weekend, basically. We over-ordered and overate at Bubba Gump in Greenbelt 3 and people-watched to see "How the mighty have fallen", as Patrick Bateman says. Hope you guys had a good weekend too.

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