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Already sent some of you this shit but since I don't have everyone's email addresses..

Break out the Tampico 'cause it's that time of the year again. Last year it was kinda raining, and the moon was full besides so there wasn't much of a show, but we had a great time anyway! Arrobang didn't show up though (hehehe..sorry, inside joke)

2003 Leonids will be weak but a double (some sources say triple) show

An unusual double Leonid meteor shower is going to peak this month over parts of Asia and North America. Bill Cooke of the Space Environments Group at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center explains: "Normally there's just one Leonid meteor shower each year, but this year we're going to have two: one on Nov. 13th and another on Nov. 19th."

Only the first, weaker shower is going to be visible from here in the Philippines though, because the rest of the show's gonna occur daytime. The first shower is expected on Nov. 13th around 17:17 UT [that's 1:17a.m.on the 14th here -- correct me if I'm wrong].

So I'll see you guys then!

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