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Digitales would like to receive stories and herstories about what we call the "founding myths": Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Grace Hopper, etc. And also tales of/about women and techniques. Send a 'fragment' or a whole story in words and/or images on one A4 format page; RTF or JPG files, 300k maximum.

Rather than falling into techno-phobia or becoming techno-fans, "Digitales" has always approached digital techniques with a critical and creative eye. They exist, they are here, so we might as well use them, understand them and make use of them in a way that will serve our objectives. We cannot ignore the history of information technologies, their mythology, symbols, heroines, male or female. The history and mythology being transmitted still influences the way they are written and taught. One often hears that girls are not interested in technical things because they are too cold and too systematic, but what about telling them that one of the pioneers of computing wanted to create a machine that would enable him to contact his lost loved one and that he died like Snow White after eating a poisoned apple. Understanding the languages and structures in this new grammar, and maybe even imagining others. How these standards and structures have been able to exclude or involve certain types of people, because of certain types of reflexes and expectations, but by discovering that, also discover the possibility of re-writing and inventing processes.

Deadline: 15 November

email: Info_(at)_constantvzw.com URL

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