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Now I've seen it all. Indi's actually quoting the Sex Bomb Dancers. Is the world about to end?

Start of PR: Our cappuccino cheesecake is a bit more flawed than this, but it's better than the one served at Chef D'Angelo. End of PR.

Thanks for the birthday greetings, guys. Am not gonna wallow in age angst because a certain blogger here might slap me silly. ;) Anyway, Saturday was family day for me. Lunch at Muang Thai (love their crispy catfish salad), late dinner at Ramen Tei.

In this connection, you are cordially invited to a DVD fest (a.k.a. belated birthday bash) this Saturday at our place. Pasta, potato salad, and cappuccino cheesecake (c/o my sis) will be served, but please bring chips, movies to watch, and stuff to lend or return. We're ironing out the details, but you'll soon be getting emails/text messages on this. Hope to see you!

Jessica, I'm touched by your testimonial in the evil time-consuming Friendster. Indi's too. Actually of course all the testimonials warm the cockles of the heart. I would've rejected Joel's testimonial-- but he's one of my closest friends who knows a lot of damning stuff about me. ;) And today I actually linked to three ex-Brownman Revival members in Friendster. Weird!

Jaw-droppingly good fiction alert! Nicolas Pizzolatto's "Ghost-Birds" in the October issue of The Atlantic is a must-read. Read it late September but couldn't Google up anything on the author. Banzai!

BTW those Toothpaste for Dinner illustrations are hilarious! And "The Year of Spaghetti" is vintage Murakami. An early work, eh? I enjoyed it :)

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