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Natural City

Natural City is a much-awaited, fine-looking, big-budget Korean thriller set in the year 2080. their official site looks slick too. be sure to check out the before and after effects still cuts at the gallery and multimedia portion. hmmm. kelan kaya mahahanap ito sa riverbanks? ;-) And while we're at it (much-awaited Bladerunnerish Asian flix) when is 2046 gonna be shown? Year 2046?

Other linx du jour:

  • first soap opera by MMS from a Dutch company (via Geekgirl) demo here

  • On CD-R shelflife (also via geekgirl). no shit! waaaaah!
    A Dutch magazine found that CD-R disks can become uselessly unreadable after just two years. Your backups, music, software applications and digital photographs may already have been transformed by time into just so many beverage coasters. link
  • chip muzak - because I enjoyed Malcolm MacLaren's take on Madame Butterfly, I downloaded some chip music based on his Wired rave. What can I say, 10 songs all fit in a floppy. Their sound just made me laugh. Fun music that brings me back to Famicom / Beverly Hills cop (theme) days! parang moog cookbook.
  • last but not least: Hollywood A-List Gossip (via Oli) the lowdown! almost as time-consuming as friendster....

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