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Murakami, Open Source, and Advanced Capitalism
(More reasons to love da man!)

from an HM forum thread. (and I hope this is true.)

Indeed, Murakami's books can be downloaded in Russia, because he himself gave his consent for that. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the distribution of books around the country turned awful. Good books, mostly published in Moscow and St.Petersburg, don't go further than the European part of the country, and people all over huge Siberia or the vast Far East cannot buy them in bookstores. For the vast majority of his Russian readers, the only way to read him is through the Net only. When I met Murakami in person, I described this situation to him, and he said - "well, if things are that bad, then I don't mind". by Dmitry, HM's Russian translator

Note: (from Mr. Chris) profit margins in books are already incredibly low. If file sharing started happening actively in the book publishing industry, most (if not all) publishers would be bankrupt within a year or two.

Re: Friendster and Fakester Avatars

So I like milking '5 minutes ago'. Heheh. May betamax pa kami. And it works. Conceptual art ang betamax ni lola. (but i still like reading artist statements. mas mahirap kasing gawin yun minsan. mweheheh.) ----- what?! what?! she's not making any sense again...

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