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Little Buddha Looks Like Astroboy
(All I Want for Christmas)
Neither reverent nor irreverent "Buddha" can best be described as playfully serious. (Tezuka takes the Middle Path!) Much of this comes from a uniquely Tezuka form of comix making. The characters have a simplified, "cute" design but inhabit a highly detailed, realistic environment....-from Time.comix
worth a visit: Osamu Tezuka World

suddenly am reminded me of those Superbook and Flying House cartoons back in grade school. i wasn't too crazy about them, but i didn't hate `em either plus i had a classmate who had a crush on the anime version of Esau of the old testament...

another related memory: walking in Shangri-la mall and spotting Rosary Theater (The ride!) i was with a bunch of friends of friends and this guy said he wanted to design manga-type action figures of those religious icons. then there was a bunch of religous statues on sale outside and i said something lame like, "oooh merchandise!"

man, i used to rant about local travel shows highlighting various old churches in our regions, but when i set foot in other parts of asia, i found that most of my trips were highlighted by visits to old temples or shrines. religions sure are hard to escape. maybe i should convert to one that'll make me a real jedi. just kidding.

"quiapo is cinderella's castle in the amusement park of catholic guilt..." went to quiapo last saturday, for the first time since they've fixed the underpass. friends from work went to get camera accessories. wanted to buy a crystal ball, but spent my dough on a few DVD's. hey joel, where did you find that used lydia lunch tape?

last linky-link from me for today (via rhizome) is the Anti-wargame. their blurb:

Adding to FutureFarmer's stable of satirical digital commentaries on war, globalisation and the American government, is the Antiwar Game. Find out just how damn hard it is to run a war at the same time as keeping media and business interests happy....

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